Gorge Scenic Chairlift Rates

Fares Across
Ride one way-only
(across or back)
Across & Back
Ride to Cliff Grounds Reserve
(visit Cataract Gorge) & Ride Back

Adults $13.00 $16.00
(Seniors & Pensioners)
$10.00 $12.00
(15 years & Under)
$8.00 $10.00

*Charges - are all GST inclusive

from 9am (365 days a year)

  • Winter at 4.30 pm
  • Spring and Autumn 5.00 pm
  • Summer 5.30 pm to 6.00 pm


Children 3 years and under - Travel Free
Family tickets available. Tickets are for single person
use only & are not transferable

  • Children 3 years and under must be nursed.
  • Persons within the boundaries of the chairlift must observe directions of authorised chairlift attendants.
  • Safety bars must be closed during journey and opened approximately 5 metres from platform in preparation to landing.
  • Children under 8 years must be accompanied by an adult.
  • When getting off the chairs. The person on the left must get off to the left, wait for the chair to pass and then proceed to the exit. The person on the right, must get off to the right and may proceed directly to the exit, which is situated to the right hand side of the platform.
  • Passengers must not bounce, swing chairs, throw any objects or travel around terminal wheels.
  • Bottles and cans are prohibited on the chairlift.
  • Persons behaving in disorderly manner will be prosecuted.
  • Personal items are carried at the passengers own risk and should be limited to that which can be carried comfortably.


(Please allow our attendants to assist you and follow the instructions of our attendants at all times. Any person requiring assistance because of age, disability or a medical condition is required to advise our authorised chairlift attendants.)

Barry Larter
Gorge Scenic Chairlift
PO Box 600
Launceston Tasmania Australia 7250

Phone: (03) 6331 5915 (Chairlift Office)

Fax: (03) 6331 0995

Email: chairlift@launcestoncataractgorge.com.au
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